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Parents, teachers, afterschool personnel, kids — everyone has SOMETHING to say about Championship Chess®! The very beginning player to the tournament-ready player have used our instructional books, video coaching and interactive DVDs to teach themselves how to play, how to play better, and how to win. Parents who purchased our products for their children have become chess players themselves, and parents, teachers and kids have all told us about the progress they have made and the fun they have had learning to play the Championship Chess® way!


Here are some of their comments:

·       …One of Sam's wins this past weekend was with smothered mate and Ben had a win using the 2 Rooks walking.  So, much of their success is attributed to you and your teaching materials. Thanks for your efforts and encouragement!! ― Ann


·       I just wanted to let you know how well things were going using your approach to teaching chess.  We have students in grades K-5 learning and playing the game and they are LOVING IT!  When I spoke to you this summer about this, I must admit that I was a little skeptical.  Since I did not know much about playing chess, I really didn't understand how they could play "pawn" games for so long! … Many of the students who thought that they knew so much about chess are "shocked" at all of the things they are learning.  And the cool part is, they share this new found knowledge with their parents.  Thanks so much for your approach.  ― Izona B.


·       My son is fascinated with chess.  He even plays games in his sleep.  He had a nightmare a week ago, 3:00 am, he runs into our bedroom:  "Momma, I had a bad dream!  I lost the Knight at e3!"

I couldn't help but laugh! ― Natalie H.

·       I bought a [B]asics chess set from you at a homeschool conference 3 months ago. I had no idea it would be so successful!  My son Gabe is 5 years old and he is playing games with my husband and myself.  Shockingly, it is not easy to beat him!  We have not finished the book yet, but he has learned how all the pieces move by asking questions, and initiated the games on his own. He plays with the chess set all day. — Jennifer E.


·       I just wanted to … let you know how much I appreciated your time this weekend at the … convention.  It was very interesting to see Angela so enthused with chess again… She had not shown the interest in chess as much as she did this weekend.  I attribute a great deal of this weekend's interest to your booth as well as [to] you.  — David C.


·       This is Sandy…from the …Convention. I have thoroughly enjoyed your books!  They have made me a better chess player.  My mother and I are working on starting our own chess club for local home schoolers.


·       Our Chess Club is a success! We held our first meeting this morning. The children were so excited! We truly couldn't have done it without the wonderful materials created by Championship Chess. We had such a big turnout, we needed to create two sections, Chess I and Chess II. — Mary M.


·       I am excited to learn to play chess alongside my children, my husband has enjoyed it for years, and we are all looking forward to some family time playing together.  — Heather B.


·       Tonight was the first time that I saw my son actually learn from his defeats without being upset. Tonight he was able to tell me what he had actually learned from those defeats with the determination that he's going to get better. Again, I say Thank you!   — Tony K. 


·       We are presenting chess to students in grades 2-5 during what we call our Investigative Learning Hour … This unit is being taught as part of our overall school theme of "Strategies For Success" and since chess is a game of strategy, it qualified.  The students and the teachers are all excited about the program and we wish that we had more money to spend on some of your other products. We especially LOVE the teacher demo board!   — Izona B.


·       Jake and his twin, Mike learned basic chess moves when they were about 4 or 5 years of age. Besides an occasional game or two there was no effort to pursue chess. Jake decided to join the chess club and…competed in the Fulton-DeKalb league…Both Jake and the team did very well… My other son, Mike, was a poor chess player and try as he might could not win a game for 6 months. Mike wanted to play, so [he] joined the chess club and started to learn under Steve's system. He played his way on to the first team, lost 2 games all year in league play and went undefeated, in the state tournament. Not only was this a testimony to his perseverance, but to the effectiveness of Steve's method. — Jim D.


·       The district gifted department purchased Championship Chess® curriculum to be used in several elementary schools. Several gifted teachers decided to get a better understanding of the curriculum by using it in an afterschool club. All students were invited to join. Much to their surprise several students who had never been considered for the gifted program caught onto the game well and were able to beat the gifted kids. These students were then identified, tested and put into their Gifted and Talented program.   Gaston County, NC


·       Chess is going great! Your curriculum (books and DVD’s) are phenomenal! My students are playing each other and we have a class chess tournament scheduled for September and are inviting parents in to watch.  — Pam W.

·       …[T]hank you for all you have done for our chess program and kids over the years. Championship Chess® has taught my kids to LOVE chess and they have been competing…for 6 years---longer than they have stuck with any other activity including sports and music.  Our team has placed 2nd in state where only the BEST 28 teams qualified.  We have had individuals ranked 2nd and 4th in the state.  We participated in and placed at Supernationals and Nationals.  Our players have done extremely well and, all the while, the kids had FUN.  They will enjoy chess for the rest of their lives.  

Championship Chess® has also provided us with the opportunity, encouragement and resources to do MORE serious chess if we had chosen to do so.  Through chess, the players have learned history, analyzing options and making choices, math, and other academic and brainy processes. Furthermore, Championship Chess® has taught my children about respect for the game and other players, they have been modeled a love of learning, they have been taught how to compete fairly and with a sense of integrity, they have learned how to stand up for themselves, and how to be resilient in the face of defeat, and they have learned to never give up and to win and lose gracefully.  [Your] instructors … have not only taught my children the game of chess but also taught them to be better players in the game of life.  — Hope A.





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