About Brian Garbera

Brian Garbera

USCF Rating;            1869  OTB (peaked at 2071 in 1995)

1920 Correspondence (has been over 2000)          Candidate Master to the Correspondence rating

Chess Teaching Experience:

Taught Championship Chess curriculum for grades 2nd-5th at both St. Edwards-Epiphany school and Mary Munford Elementary School (2012-13).

Helped teach Chess for Maurice Ashley’s Summer Camp 2011 for elementary and middle school age children at Collegiate School.

Taught informally at the local elementary (Watkins ES) chess club once per month; directed end of year tourney (2005-11).

Taught Middle School students once per week at Manchester Middle School in Chesterfield, VA (2007-08).

Helped teach Chess for Brian Sumner’s Chess Camp for elementary school children at St. Edwards-Epiphany School in 2006.

Taught children and adults in a continuing education class in Columbus Ohio in the early 1990’s through the local Community College.

Taught elementary chess to children in Pittsburgh, PA in the 1980’s as part of the Pittsburgh Chess Club.

Chess TD Experience:

Directed 21 tournament events in Pittsburgh, PA

Expired TD Certification

Chess Student Experience:

Initial Chess Class in college (1986) in Pittsburgh.

Have recently taken 3 years of chess lessons over the phone through chess master Russell Potter (Roanoke, VA)

Chess Recreational Experience:

Avid chess player including Gameknot, Freechess, and USCF rated events OTB and Postal. Also use Chessbase and Fritz.

Occasional play at Bon Air (VA) Chess Club. Rating around 2000.



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