Championship Chess Activities for Learning Chess

Championship Chess® Activities Provide Students and Their Families Many Opportunities to Learn and Grow


We don’t teach chess the “old” way: “Here’s how you set up the board; this is how the pieces move and capture; now, let’s play.“


Too many young students don’t “get” it and end up dropping out of chess. All of our beginners start with the step-by-step approach developed by Championship Chess®. As each piece is introduced, students play pre-chess training games with Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks and the Queen. Students are then ready to learn Check, Checkmate and Stalemate through puzzles and hands-on endgame activities.


All of our students continue to improve chess skills through the introduction and practice of chess openings and endgames. Our players learn aggressive, attacking openings that promote a winning style and allow them to achieve success at tournaments.


Championship Chess® recommends and encourages beginners to play in the most appropriate local scholastic tournaments. Our coaches are always there to support our players throughout these tournaments.




Championship Chess® coaches are trained to work with different age groups and chess abilities. Many of our coaches have special talents for working with the young beginner. Some of our coaches are Experts or Masters and are highly successful with our tournament players.


Our students are divided into groups based on ability. Some school clubs can have as many as 3 or 4 groups and coaches depending on the numbers of students and their diverse skill levels.



All of our classes provide time for instruction. With beginner students, we follow a sequence of introducing material in a brief demonstration; then, we engage them in hands-on play based on that demonstration. At first, beginners are given 5 to 10 minutes of instruction, followed by 5 to 10 minutes of hands-on play for immediate lesson reinforcement. Afterward, players return to the demonstration board for review and introduction of related new material, and then are allotted more time for hands-on reinforcement.


Once players are capable of forcing checkmate, they’re ready for a 20-30 minute block of instruction and 30‒40 minutes of supervised play. At this time, all instruction includes specific Opening and Endgame material.


All lessons are interactive and many use technology when available. In addition to group instruction and play, students may practice their skills against the computer or watch and interact with video lessons from Coach Steve.



Club Achievement Cards


Players earn Championship Chess® Achievement Cards after completing and demonstrating their skills at each level. Beginning with basic pre-chess games and progressing through increasing difficulty, our players move through Powerful Pawns, Battling Bishops, Mighty Knights, Rockin’ Rooks, Queen’s Quests and Kickin’ Kings. We find students competing not only with others in their group, but challenging themselves to get to the next card.



More Chess Outside the School Club

Once a week is not enough time to promote real improvement in chess skills. So, Championship Chess® offers more chess opportunities.


The Family Connection

Most Championship Chess® Club participants are registered members of the Family Connection, your exclusive area on the site filled with activities, videos and games that promote chess skills. This unique online experience allows students and their families to practice the skills they learn in class, to try their skills on puzzles and online games, and to gain new skills as they watch videos and click to follow their coaches’ favorite games and puzzles.


NOTE: In the next few months, our students will even be able to study and test for their Championship Chess® Success Achievement Cards on our Website.


Free Evening Chess Clubs

Many of our coaches and affiliates host free evening chess clubs, weekly or bi-monthly, at malls, book stores and libraries. Click to find out about clubs near you.



Scholastic Tournaments
Championship Chess® sponsors and supports many scholastic tournaments throughout the year. We also provide opportunities for club teams to have extra lessons to prepare for upcoming regional, state and national tournaments. And, at many national tournaments, we provide a Players’ Room where players have access to our top coaches to analyze games and help prepare for upcoming games.


Whether full-day, half-day, or part of other camps, our coaches offer chess throughout the summer. Also, look for Championship Chess® one- and two-day camps during school holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. Watch for information and registration for these on our site and via email and Facebook.


Private Instruction
Many of our coaches are available for individual and small group lessons. We can help you find the coach you need, whether for your beginning player or your tournament player.




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