Common Core Standards K-5 Physical Education

Common Core State Standards Connections
Physical Education K-5

Chess is a learning tool for the development of the mind that just happens to be a game. Chess is already making a strong contribution to children’s learning in schools across the country. Now, we can show you how the Championship Chess (CC) Scholastic Chess Series can help you meet Common Core State Standards as you enhance overall learning.

Chess is a game with more mental than physical demands, but the goals of sportsmanship are still important.

Safety: Responsibility, Cooperation, Respect Students will:
(1) Recognize and follow rules;
(2) Play cooperatively and respectfully;
(3)Take responsibility for their actions.
CC: (1) Players must follow rules, including touch/move. (2) Games begin and end with a handshake, a show of respect and cooperation that is integral to positive interactions within competitive play.
(3) Players are solely responsible for their games—breaking rules means a forfeited game; inattentiveness to the board or an opponent’s play may mean a loss




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