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It’s easy to put chess into your program with
Championship Chess Curricula and Online Access 

is a learning tool for the development of the mind that just happens to be a game. Chess is making a strong contribution to children’s growth and learning in schools, clubs and community programs across the country.

 Championship Chess® is at the heart of many successful programs nationwide. Whether used after school or integrated into the classroom or special programs, Championship Chess® helps students reap all the educational and intellectual benefits of chess while you reinforce required standards and objectives.


 The World of ChessOnline videos, activities, puzzles and challenges that make learning chess fun and reinforce problem-solving, critical thinking skills, spatial awareness and logical reasoning. And, the educator can track, evaluate and facilitate learning, whether or not they play chess themselves. See our great introductory school pricing.

The Scholastic Chess Series curriculum is ready to go. Teachers, mentors, counselors and afterschool staff find it easy to introduce chess to children using our methods, materials and online or onsite professional development. Our tools work:

·       Easy-to-follow video coaching

·       Step-by-step “how-to” instructions

·       “At-a-Glance” lesson prep

·       Challenging hands-on puzzles  and interactive games

·       Reproducible activities

·       Tips for play and teaching strategies


Color My Chess World and Music CD for pre-primary and primary students

Our readiness program includes an introduction to the chessboard, chess “characters” and chess moves through coloring activities, stickers, song and dance. Reproducible handouts and the music CD improve spatial skills and develop math, reading and language readiness skills as they introduce basic chess concepts. Chess readiness motivates and prepares students to learn and participate. Activity suggestions develop pattern recognition, cooperative play and problem solving and will enhance a young child’s learning experience.



Chess Basics
with Video and CD-ROM for beginners

From setting up the chessboard and naming the squares on the algebraic grid, to identifying the pieces and how they move, to understanding check, checkmate and stalemate, Chess Basics covers all the key concepts. Pre-chess games start with the Pawns. Games grow in complexity as students learn each new piece and how each interacts with other pieces in the game. The video and reproducible handouts systematically develop and build chess skills.
Pawn Games Interactive CD-ROM and Guide
Build a more solid chess foundation, even if you know how to play. Step-by-step, one piece at a time, these quick, interactive drills improve students’ skills and add excitement and fun to learning chess.


Attack Chess Interactive Game for anyone who knows the basics

Ready! Set! Go! You have 60 seconds to get your pieces into the fray. In chess, it’s essential to see the whole board. Find long-range attacks by the Rook, Bishop or Queen and see the multiple forks of the Knight. Train your eye and increase your speed with “Attack Chess.”


Chess Openings 1 with Video and CD-ROM for anyone who knows the basics of chess

Every game starts with an opening plan. Chess Openings 1 begins with openings most popular with scholastic players — how to play them, how to stop them.

Through video and hands-on-coaching beginning students learn to:

  • Develop their pieces rapidly;
  • Control the center; and,
  • Prepare to castle early for king safety.

Challenging puzzles and instructional games demonstrate opening strategies. Students use these strategies in their own games and record their moves in algebraic chess notation.

Practice the Openings Interactive CD-ROM Game Disk 1

Refine your opening skills—learn the openings in “Demo Mode,” then time and test yourself as you play against the computer.

Endgame Strategies 1
with Video for those who play

Play the endgame and win. Prepare players for the most common endgames of chess. Learn how to checkmate and avoid stalemate. Learn endgame language: “walk your Rooks,” “stay in the square,” use the waiting move,” “cut off the board,” “win with the ‘opposition.’”

The video coach presents step-by-step demonstrations of key endgame elements in easy-to-learn systems. The reproducible handouts provide directed practice and challenging puzzles.

Chess Tactics 1 with Video for those who play – great for daily puzzles!

Tactics are critical to success in the middle game. Chess Tactics 1 is a puzzle book that instructs students in the key tactics used by the beginning player to advance the ability to think ahead, visualize, and weigh options. These tactics include Pins, Forks and Skewers, En Prise captures and checkmating problems. Puzzles are presented incrementally from easy to challenging.




Chess for Success Achievement Cards to motivate students to push forward!

Learning new skills can be challenging. It’s important for every student to progress and feel successful. With Championship Chess®, students follow their progress step-by-step through the curriculum. From a “mere” Powerful Pawn through a 2-Stripe Kickin’ King, students have proof of what they’ve learned.





Math Logic on the Chessboard whether or not students play chess!

With one, two, three steps or more—these puzzles and problems apply, test and improve strategic and higher level thinking skills. Some of these puzzles improve chess play, but all of them improve students’ abilities to focus, visualize, think ahead, weigh options, analyze concretely and think abstractly.





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